Welcome to my website, and some stuff about me.

Welcome to my home on the Internet. Everything's perpetually under construction, but everything gets updated when it can, so that should be good. Fun fact: I also built this site using HORUS. I'm not sure what it is, but one thing I know about it is that all I need to do apparently is type paragraphs and it would turn it into HTML code. It also apparently adds images too... But it almost always gets watermarked if the image size goes above 100x100px. I know, fairly confusing, but still... (It's so remarkably terrible at creating websites I had to go into Notepad++ in order to make the site look more paletteable or whatever).

To the right you can see a photo of an old YouTube Icon. It's sadly a victim of the watermark schtick, so please, quickly mourn the loss, yadda yadda yadda, and once you've had your wallowing, please consider disregarding it while continuing to enjoy the website.

I personally enjoyed developing this website, as I enjoy the look of those old Geocities websites back in the 1990s (I know, NPC-teir talking, but who the everloving fuck cares). Other than that, I had aliases over the years, some good, some bad, but I mainly started my life on the Internet as a wee lad in Year 6 trying to play mobile games and make shitty-looking animations in FlipaClip on an old Android phone. Funnily enough, back then I really wanted to pursue being a gaming YouTuber as a career. Dropped that career aspiration fast though, so there's that.

More about me:

Now, the portfolio/rest of the site.

Parts of it are regularly being updated, so it's all under construction.

Hell, for all I care, there's a few unused pages that need to be filled!

Might end up finding other things to make this site more useful...

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